Christmas in a Jar – DIY Gifts

 do love making home and hand made Christmas presents for teachers, so with the theme of the past few years and trying to stay creative like my Cookie Jar DIY gifts,  Brownie in a Jar, Mug Cake Mix or my … Read More

Summer Fruit Butters & Mug Cookie Gifts

Food gifts are usually something that everyone loves, specially when they are homemade. This year for end of school year, I decided to make fruit butters ( please see earlier posts Pineapple Mango Fruit Butter, Mango Plum Fruit Butter and … Read More

Rudolph Hot Chocolate Gifts

Want to give a cute little present to someone that may have everything?! Don’t want to give the person a small smellies collections or chocolate? Why not get a little creative and try these Reindeer Hot Chocolate cones which are … Read More