Triple Choc Chip Cookie

Soft, chewy, chocolately cookies which are amazingly delicious! I tend to make the cookies a little smaller than the Millie’s Cookies size, as make them easier to handle and makes it more easy to justify having a cookie with a … Read More

Ginger Cinnamon Butter Biscuit

Ginger Cinnamon Butter Biscuit or Cookie?! Well looking up the meaning – a Biscuit is a baked flour based food product. If you are european then it’s a biscuit but Americans call them cookies! Americans use the word Biscuit for … Read More

Biscuit Cookie Pie

My first Tejal Recipe creation! Completely my own recipe! YAY! ingredients: 120g Butter soften 150g Light Brown Sugar 1 Egg 200g Plain Flour 1 Tsp Vanilla 6 Party RIngs 4 Chocolate Bourbons Pink Chocolate Pigs Chocolate Buttons topped with sprinkles … Read More

DIY Cookie Mix Jars

Its that time of year again and time for teachers Christmas presents – so what do I do?! Baked goodies? More Jam? More Chutney? I wanted to do something completely different – so I decided on making a Cookie Jar … Read More