Food Diary


Breakfast: Coffee Protein Frapacino 1 Scoop USN Whey 100% Chocolate 2 Tsp Instant Coffee 200ml Unsweetened Almond Milk Water Ice Blend in your Vitamix/Blender and enjoy! Great pre-gym smoothie. Lunch: Salad Iceberg Lettuce Cherry tomatoes Cucumber sautéed Vegetables (Leek, mushrooms, … Read More

Food Diary Day 16


Breakfast Smoothie: 100g pomegranate, 100ml skimmed milk, 1 scoop USN Whey, 200ml water and ice all blended in the Vitamix. Mid Morning Snack: Blackberries and Coffee Trieste Nespresso Coffee Lunch: Wholemeal toast, sautéed vegetables (mushrooms, courgette, leek and broccoli), fat free cottage … Read More

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