Kaju Ladoo – Cashew Fudge Balls

It’s coming up to that time of year, Diwali! I’m a bit late this year with my Diwali sweets making, but here is my own creation of a kaju kalti and burfi mixture! Kaju is simply Cashews in Gujurati and … Read More

Kaju Ladoo ( Cashew Fudge Balls)

I’ve got a Diwali Sweet making addiction now – so here is my last nights creation! Cashew Ladoo with cashew inside, coated with chocolate and chopped nuts. I’m not sure how I come up with these ideas, but this was … Read More

Kaju Katli

Another Diwali inspired post called Kaju Katli sometimes called Kaju Burfi. Kaju means cashews in the indian language. Interest Facts: The cashew nut is served as a snack or used in recipes, like other nuts, although it is actually a … Read More