Well what can I say, turning into my mother on yearly basis from eating meals from a packet to now wanting to make everything from scratch myself.
My true joy is baking, whether it be cakes, cookies or bread – the Oven is my friend!
I think a lot of the baking started a few years mainly after the kids were born – wanted to be a mum that made their birthday cakes not just bought them.
From 2010 to 2011 I lost about 5 stone ( if you find it – please keep it as I do not want it back!!) – and since then I’ve focused more so on making food from scratch from sweet to savouries!

Recently I went to a childs’ birthday party, I baked a brownie, banana oat raisin chocolate cookies and banana chocolate mini muffins where a young boy said to my ” ahhh these are lush, did you really make these?” to which I politely said yes, then he said “do you bake for living? If you don’t you should” to which I replied with no I don’t bake for living just for enjoyment, to which he said “Right I will do the selling, and you do the baking and we will go into business!” This got me thinking…maybe start up a blog, now here we are!

Might I add, I’ve often thought about starting my own business, but would I lose the enjoyment factor if I have to do it? Instead of wanting to do it? Also, every time I’ve made a cake for someone it stresses me out – as I’m a perfectionist and I want it perfect! So now just do it for the enjoyment!


One of my other loves apart from kitchen and fitness is my persian kittys! Meet Chilli and Silver πŸ™‚



Everything written on this blog has been written by me, with no incentive. I have created this blog as a window into my kitchen and life.


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