So as you may or may not know, I’m officially one of those the lives to eat! From an early age I’ve a weight problem, specially when I grew up in the states. Weight gain came very easy with love of food and enjoyment of eat out! Then comes a point in your life where health becomes way more important than anything else. You want to be in your children’s lives for as long as possible and would do anything to help that happen – and for me part of that was loosing some weight!

The story begins….


63815_103779113019033_100001608341636_25502_7698883_nThis was me back in 2007 a few months after the birth of Kassi, my youngest ( probably my highest point – non pregnancy) If I had to guess approximately 15-16 stone (220lbs).

I got to an ultimate low point in 2010 where I had enough….I was around 210lbs. I started my weight loss journey in the summer. I was extremely strict and on a fairly restrictive eating regime. Soon I started to shift the lbs


By Christmas 2011 I had lost roughly 40lbs…

Now when I initially started my goal was get back into my Prom dress from 1997 which I was able to do by the first 6 months

….then I got more ambitious I wanted to get down to Healthy BMI range which for me was 9st 11lbs (137lbs)

By Spring lost another 15-20lbs

By the summer lost a final 10lbs bringing my total loss to 89lbs, and got down to my smallest weight of 8st 9lb (121lbs) all of this was done with hard work and some family stress/illness which helped me get down past goal!

Since I finished loosing weight cycle and started the maintenance cycle I did fairly well for a while…by the summer of 2012 I was probably slight up to about 130’s lb

Then about Oct 2012 things started to get a little out of control and ended up gaining about 10lbs going up to  the mid 140’s..

However now I’ve hit closer to 150lbs….thats a massive 2 stone gain since losing the weight…and struggling to get my motivation back. So I think my best tactic is going to have to be back to weekly weigh ins…I tried the picture food diary but that was so difficult as I’d eat the food before snipping a picture,  however when I did – it kept me accountable!

I think I will forever be one of those people who will always struggle with weight! My biggest motivation is that I throw out my “Fat” clothes the smaller I got, so now very few of my size 10’s fit – and don’t want to climb the up-sizing stairs as that is so easy to do. At least skirts/dresses are more forgiving 🙂

As of February 2014 – my journey begins again!


As of June 2014 – I’m back to healthy BMI back within my healthy range! 🙂 of the130’s lbs and seem to hoovering about here. Currently working back on maintenance!!


Weight Loss


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  1. atraghunandanRaghu Nandan
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    That’s nice to know. You have put in lot of effort and it requires tons of willpower. Congrats and keep doing what you want to do. I really appreciate your hard work and determination. My best wishes as a stranger from the virtual world. Enjoy life as it unfolds…

    • admin
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      Thank you for your kind words

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    were so proud of you.

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      Glad I was able to help you

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