Cypriot New Potatoes – Garlic Herb Hasslebacks

I’m great fan of new potatoes, specially when they are roasted to have a crisp jacket and warm earthy fluffy centre. Raising a fusion family, I had so many ideas on what to do with these little gems, so here is my British inspired post. My next post will definitely be an Indian inspired post only still debating which recipe to do! 

These new potatoes with come from they sunny Island of southern Cyprus and so versatile from steaming, boiling and even roasting (I like have done). As the skin is so thin and delicate you don’t need to even peel them. I love have the skin on potatoes as that’s the fibre rich part. 

Cypriot New Potatoes are in Tesco shops from until the end of March for a great healthy side to your meal either loose or a 750g bag. The delicate skin of the these potatoes means they only need a quick scrub.

These New potatoes are creamy and earthy as they are have been grown in mineral rich soil and harvested in small family farms.


Potatoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals specially with the skin which are full of vitamin C & B, potassium, folate, iron and magnesium. 

Potatoes are best known as a carbohydrate, and did you know it helps protect against colon cancer, improves insulin sensitivity and lowers cholesterol. 

What I really liked about this bag of potatoes was that the new potatoes came in different sizes, but mainly a good medium size, which is why I went from hassle back potatoes. 

I did tame it down on the chilli flakes, but if you like a good kick I would add more chilli flakes, as the 1/4 tsp only gave it a slight hint!

You could get very creative with the herb selection, like adding rosemary instead of thyme and maybe even a sprinkle of cheese so that it creeps in the gaps, however that would then become a not so healthy side!

Now as it’s still early on in the year and if you are following Slimming World or Weight watchers, then switch out the oil for just the low cal spray and you instantly having it as a syn-free side or part of the weight watchers no count. To be fair, with weight watchers you are allow the oil and recipe as is would be point free!

Just like to say a quick thanks to Tesco and Foodies 100 for sending a voucher to buy the ingredients for this post. 

750g Cypriot New Potatoes ( Tesco)
1 Small Red Onion
3 Garlic Gloves
1/2 Tsp Dried Parsley
1/4 Tsp Chili Flakes
2 Tsp Olive Oil
Fresh Thyme


Briefly wash and dry the new potatoes

Slice the potatoes, but not all the way through, I use a wooden spoon on each side of the potato, so the knife doesn’t cut the potato in half. Slice about 3mm apart. 

Place all the potatoes on a baking tray which has been lightly sprayed with some oil.

In a small dish, add crushed garlic cloves, olive oil and dried parsley.

Add chilli flakes and stir well.

Dice a small red onion and scatter over the potatoes in the baking tray, then spray lightly with oil.

Drizzle at little of over the garlic herb mix over each potato then add some fresh thyme for an extra hit of flavour. 

Bake in the oven at 200c for about 30-35mins until the potato is tender with a crispy skin, serve and enjoy.


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