Tesco’s Party Food Review

Tesco’s Orchard Programme kindly sent me the opportunity to try this years new party food selection, I must admit I do love this part of blogging hobby! I must say that the were very flavoursome and crisp, samosas cooked really well, almost tasted like they were fried with the nice crisp pastry.

Firstly I must admit there were definitely more vegan choices then I thought there would be, such as the Tesco Finest Thai Rice Cones, all the Tesco Indian Selections which was samosas, onion bhaji and vegetable pakoras and Tesco sun-dried tomato dough balls ( with the pesto drizzle) which is pretty cool as walking around most stores veggie options are reasonably available but vegan options were limited if available at all.  

We did also get the cheesy options too, as the Hubster loves these Tesco Jalapeรฑo Stuffed peppers, Tescos Creamed cheese filled section and of course mozzarella sticks. If you love cheese then these are for you! 

What makes it easy that pretty much most of these were cooked at the same oven temperature so no faffing around with timings and oven temperatures. 

If you are anything like me and overcooked using the eyes bigger than the belly syndrome, then actually these keep well too. Refrigerate overnight and then reheat in the oven for about 5 mins and presto as if they were cooked fresh.

Overall I would give these a good 8/10 and definitely recommend specially the ones I tried.

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