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If you ever wondered if there is a Breakfast Cereal world, then I have news – we found it! Cereal Killer Cafe, a London chain of breakfast/all cereal cafes. Firstly the seating – well I loved it, you basically sat on single beds, PAC-Man arcade games, I was so 80s and so me!

Cereal Killer Cafe

Now my daughter has a big bowl which with literally a bowl of chocolate explosion and consisted of Cocoa Pebbles, Chocolate Frosties, and Cocoa Krispies with chocolate milk and then topped with Rolos….yes what a combination and to be honest there was a 11am sugar crash going on too!

Cereal Killer Cafe

When you have a choice of over 120 cereals which mainly were English, American and a few global ones, then with over 25 different milks from Regular milk, over 1/2 dozen dairy free options, and far too many flavoured milks from crème brûlée to chocolate. Oh then there are toppings…you name you can have it from mini Oreos, fruits, Happy Hippos and marshmallows! 

Cereal Killer Cafe

Now you can get the healthier options too, (below) this is what I had, with a large bowl consisting of Protein Cheerios, Nutrigrain and Muesli Crunch with rice milk and no toppings. Who needs toppings when you have a bowl of goodness. Yes I was a good little girl and to be honest I would definitely have the same again. 

Cereal Killer Cafe

Then there are drinks, below is a pic of a hot chocolate, yes believe it or not that is a hot chocolate with toppings! Drinks vary from a regular coffee to the special drinks like the hot chocolate, herbal and fruity teas and speciality coffees.

Cereal Killer Cafe

You also have a choice of American pop tarts, the range is massive not just your grocery shop selection but the actual American options with 20 different flavours. There is toast too with, as you can guess the choice of spreads well over a dozen from american fluff to english marmalade.
Cereal Killer Cafe

There is definitely something for everyone, from vegan, gluten-free and even lacto-free. Healthy to uber indulgent and you name it they pretty much have it! My kids absolutely loved it, and when you buy a large bowl of cereal you get a choice of 3 different cereals, medium bowl you get a choice of 2 and small bowl of 1 type of cereal. We all did go for a large and actually the portion sizes aren’t huge…so don’t scared – even my 9 and 11 year old finished a large bowl. 


They do have a menu with some cereal cocktails with almost like a chefs popular mix! I would say if you are planning to visit then make sure you allow enough time to parooze the menu and wall choices as it can get very overwhelming as such a wide variety.

Cereal Killer Cafe

The pics below are all from the official Cereal Killer Cafe website http://www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk , just so you get a feel for the cafe. If you are visiting London, I would definitely recommend a visit specially for breakfast and if you have kids. Overall I would give it s a good 8/10 due to the choice and atmosphere!


The pictures are very true to the cafes. camden15


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