January Jumpstart Dietbet & NO Sugar Challenge

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Like millions’ I decided to do the normal New Years Resolution this year to lose a few pounds which have clung on to my thighs this festive season, but it’s not some weird Aloe Vera juice detox or a juice cleanse.

No Sugar - Jan Jumpstart Dietbet

I’ve decided to keep with my vegan diet which I’ve been following 99% of the time since June last year (2015), which has worked wonders for me, as my weight has been very stable and not having to sacrifice my love of carbs ( brown rice, brown bread, wheat pasta). Cutting out the dairy & eggs from my diet has worked for me, although eating out can get challenging, I do end up eating chips/fries and rice or side salads. 🙁

No Sugar - Jan Jumpstart Dietbet

The first part to my challenge is to cut out sugar completely, yes what I call the “White Devil”!! Even the recommended 6 tsp of sugar for a women ( 9 Tsp if you are male). I will continue to have nnaturalsugars found in raw fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes. If you haven’t then you need to watch the Jamie Oliver TED talk (https://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver)  he talks about how sugar is overconsumed in society specially with children.

No Sugar - Jan Jumpstart Dietbet

To keep me motivated I’ve signed up to Dietbet, for the January Jumpstart Dietbet (http://diet.bt/TvQUWY) which is a 4-week challenge to lose 4% over my body weight. It’s $35 to enter, and if you lose the 4% then you will get a split of the pot and, at least, the $35 back. Most I know ended up with at least double back, but either way, it is an incentive to lose the lbs to get your money back! $35 is a lot as probably costs the same as a month of weight watchers or slimming world.


My 4% equals 5.5lbs over the 4 weeks which I hope is achievable, as 1.5lbs week should be possible, and hoping for the first week drop to by 2-3lbs.


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