Food Diary: Day2 – Cheat Meal 

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Saturday may probably be my cheat meal day so as you can imagine it was cheat meal day.

I started with a simple early morning breakfast of Egg whites before the gym. I tend to have something protein based and small before the gym – else I can’t seem to get a good workout!

Normal post gym I tend to have a 2nd mini breakfast however as we planned to go out for the lunch I skipped!

A few weeks ago we went to a place called Jimmy’s restaurant World Kitchen in Wembley and it was a really good buffet place with so many vegetarian options and we thought we go again. The next close one to us was in Luton – well let’s say it was a massive disappointment I wouldn’t even give it 2/10!! I actually didn’t eat most of on my place and filled up on sweets and mini eggs! (Doh) what a wasted cheat meal! However as it ended up being a late lunch I wasn’t actually hungry for dinner. I imagine my calorie intake for the day was probably close to 2000-2200! Any gains should be just water weight!
Had a last minute late snack – some pistachios!!

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  1. Sexy Simon!
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    Jimmys really isn’t even remotely good.

    The first restaurant they opened was the one near us in Birmingham and I’ve “eaten” there only twice.

    First time I had horrendous food poisoning as a result, like 3 days of full-on sickness with the shakes. At the time I was genuinely convinced that I was close to death!

    The second time, I was persuaded by a friend as it had “improved”, I ordered a special cooked-to-order BBQ chicken thing, cut into it and blood poured out, it was completely raw inside. We called the manager over, showed him the food and got up and left. He had the security guard stop us and told us we still needed to pay for the food we hadn’t eaten.

    If anyone even slightly mentions visiting then I tell them the above and try to dissuade them as much as possible.

    0/10 would be my score for these people.

    • admin
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      Thanks Simon – I’m feel about ill now!

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