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My daughter and I visited Gujarat, India with my mum and dad, and what an amazing adventure it was! So many sights, so much food and shopping and very little time!

During our 2 night stay at Rajkot we ate at 2 different but similar places one being MTV and the other being Chouki Dhani. I must admit Chouki Dhani might have been my ultimate favourite during the whole stay! If you like authentic rajestani food you must give it try.

When in India you have to try a little street food – from chilli sweet corn to shaved ice ( Gola).

We spent a few days on a farm – which was awesome. Fresh cows milk twice a day, organic grains and vegetables. I don’t think you get anything as good as the goodness from farm fresh organic clean living! I actually love the idea of having my own farm one day – I guess a girl can dream!

With a few more food stops such as Subway and some truck stops, I definately enjoyed the foods.

Some great culture was enjoyed


Agashiye, Amhedabad was an awesome place to eat, with traditional gujarati food and amazing atmosphere and decor you should definately give this place a visit.



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