Basic Short Crust Pastry

This is a fool-proof basic pastry recipe, you can make this basic pastry either plain or slightly sweet by adding icing sugar ( about 2 table spoons). Once you give it a go you will probably never buy shop bought pastry again. The pastry is so versatile you can add icing sugar, orange zest or even a little lemon zest.

Basic Short Crust

4oz Plain Flour
1 oz Butter
Cold Water
Basic Short Crust

In a food processor add flour and cold butter chopped into cubes.Basic Short Crust

Blitz on medium speed and slowly add drops of cold water until a rough ball forms. Keep it relatively dry.Basic Short Crust

Remove the pastry from the food processor and wrap in cling film. Allow to rest in the fridge for a minimum of 1/2 an hour.Basic Short Crust

Remove from the fridge, and use as desired – either make mini tarts, individual tarts/pies or even a larger pie. If you want to make a base and top double the recipe.Basic Short Crust

I generally like making mini bite size portions using a mini muffin pan and dopper.Basic Short Crust

Bake at 200c for 10-15 minutes for mini pies/tarts, 15-20 minutes for individual pies/tarts and 25-30 minutes for large full size pies/tarts.

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