Quick 30 Minute Pizza

On a day when you have limited time, why not try this 30 minute pizza recipe from start to finish including the dough! As the dough has no yeast, there is no proving time. With a self-raising flour crust this crust still has a similar fluffy texture to regular dough but in minutes and not hours.


I like using mozzarella, if possible I try to get Italian mozzarella made with the milk of the italian water buffalo and usually found in the shops as Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. If the mozzarella doesn’t say Bufala it’s usually made locally from cows milk. I do prefer using mozzarella on pizza when possible as it gives it that better taste and feels less fatty.


I do wish I had one of the restaurant grade flame pizza oven – realistically this will never happen unless I win the lottery but I guess I can dream. Those stone brick ovens do cook pizzas beautifully and you can’t beat that taste. IMG_5576

250g self-raising flour
1 tbsp oil
140ml water
25g tomato purée
1 tsp Italian herbs
2-3 tbsp hot water
125g mozzarella
Toppings sweetcorn, olives, onion, tomato and pepper


In a mixing bowl add self-raising flour and oil and mix with a dough hook on slow speed.IMG_5556

Add water to the flour and mix until dough forms


Knead for about 3 minutes once the dough forms.


On to a floured surface start to roll out the doughIMG_5559

Move into a baking tray and press and stretch into the corners on the tray. IMG_5560

In a small bowl add the tomato purée and mixed italian herbsIMG_5561

Add a few table spoons of hot warm and stir wellIMG_5562

Spread the tomato purée sauce over the pizza dough


Drain and remove the mozzarella ball from the bag and slice. Add slices of mozzarella over the pizza base. If you are using shredded mozzarella or cheddar than sprinkle over the base evenly.


Add your toppings of choice, we used black olives, chopped onion, chopped green peppers, chopped tomatoes and frozen sweet corn.IMG_5575

Bake in the oven at 210c for approximately 15-18 minutes until mozzarella has melted and golden brown.


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