Tesco’s Free From Mature Cheese & Onion Crisp Bakes

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As I’m part of the Tesco’s Orchard programme I was able to try either for free or for a lot less some a couple of the items from the Tesco’s Free From range. My picks as a vegetarian were the these crisp bakes, Cheese & Tomato Pizza and Chocolate Muffins


As a vegetarian my choices were a little limited in the frozen section, but decided to opt for Cheese and onion crisp bakes.


They were actually great tasting, full of cheesy flavour with a hint of onion. I baked them in oven as per instructions, and they came out perfectly crisp on the outside.


I would actually get these crisps bakes again, even though I do not have a special diet.They are well worth a try! #Triedforless


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