Strawberry Choc Chip Ice Cream

IMG_3456 This is a great homemade ice cream with you do not need an ice cream maker or to churn. As its milk free and egg free is will not crystallise either. Just creamy and yummy!


1/2 Can of condensed milk
500ml double cream
50g Caster Sugar
20g Strawberry milkshake powder
20-50mls of Strawberry sauce
4 Tbsp of Strawberry Jam
50g White chocolate
50g Milk Chocolate
30g Dark Chocolate


Measure out half a small can of condensed milk into a bowl


Add and stir in the strawberry milk shake powder.


Stir in 20ml of strawberry sauce into the condensed milk.


Add sugar to the double cream and whisk.


Whip the double cream until it creates soft peaks.


Put the whipped cream into a bowl.


Add and fold in the strawberry condensed milk into the whipped cream.


Add a few table spoons of strawberry jam into the cream mixture and fold roughly.


Add white, dark and milk chocolate chunks into the cream mixture and fold in roughly.


Into a freeze suitable container, add a little of the ice cream mixture and put in a bit of the strawberry jam to add a little more flavour into the ice cream.IMG_3449Add a some more ice cream mixture and then squirt on a little of the strawberry sauce, and continue with the layering effect.

Strawberry Choc Ice Cream

Finally add a little more strawberry sauce and anything left over chocolate crumbs on top and place in the freezer for at least 6-8 hours until frozen.


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