Breakfast Cereal Bar

90g butter
175g assorted biscuits
1 wheetabix
150g butter
50g dark brown sugar
35g honey
80g golden syrup
40g bran flakes
20g chocolate loops
100g oats
40g corn flakes
30g coco pops
80g pink chocolate pigs
25g chocolate sprinkled buttons
35g Pink chocolate Pigs

Cereal Biscuit Bar

Grab some assorted biscuits ( I used Custard Creams and Nice) about 175g of biscuits Cereal Biscuit Bar

Crumble down all the biscuit either in a blender, food processor or a bag and rolling pin ( Specially if you have some stress or anger to work thru!)Cereal Biscuit Bar

Pour 90g of melted butter into the biscuit crumbs.

Mix the butter and biscuit together, if still a little moist then crush in a wheetabix.


Press into a foil lined baking tray and cover the the bottom of the pan making sure its all evenly pressed down.

Cereal Biscuit Bar

In a shallaw pan melt 150g butter, dark brown sugar, honey and golden syrup until all combined and disolved.IMG_2253

In a large bowl add 40g bran flakes and 20g chocolate loops slightly crush up by hand.

Then add 100g oats

Add 40g corn flakes and 30g coco pops ( or any cereal you have at home)

Mix up all the cereal with a spoon.IMG_2257

Grab 80g pink chocolate pigs or white chocolate ( I had some Pink pigs that needed using up)

Using a chopper and roughly chop up the chocolate.


As the melted sugar, honey butter mixture is meltedIMG_2260

Pour into the cereal and mix using a spoonIMG_2261

Add in the chocolate and stir in quickly, as the chocolate may start meltingIMG_2263

Spread over the biscuit base, pressing down ensuring all packed in and even.


Grab some chocolate sprinkled buttons

And roughly chop up.IMG_2266

Sprink over the pressed cereal mix.IMG_2267

Sprinkle on 35g of more chopped pink pigsIMG_2268

Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 180c ( i think I left it in slightly longer – but was still good!)IMG_2272

Slice up once cooledIMG_2273





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