Bella Italia Restaurant Review

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While in Manchester, we ended up at Bella Italia italian restaurant. Now I hadn’t to Bella Italia in over 9 years ( yes that’s right – before having kids!). The last time we went to Bella Italia, we didn’t have the best experience due to poor quality food and service.

To start with, the restaurant was busy we waited about 20mins to be seated, which was a good sign as other restaurant were rather empty! As we sat down, the candle was light up and the ambience was nice and relaxing with the buzz from the background chit-chat but not too loud.


So they kids wanted to try – so we thought we give it ago.

Bella Italia Review

The hubs and I started with a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea – however as you can see it was slightly too Diet Coked, but was still good.


For our starter with ordered the Chilli Garlic Bread, which was absolutely amazing.The rich tomato garlic flavour was in every mouthful along with the slight kick from the chillies. Usually the chillies are tasteless at most place, however these chillies gave the right amount of kick without going over the top.


My main meal was the Olive Vitta Pizza, which is the Bella Italia version of low-calorie light pizza. It’s under 600 calorie on a long thin whole-wheat crispy base topped with tomato sauce, fresh basil, tomatoes, lemon dressed baby spinach and rocket with torn up buffalo mozzarella. It was light and tasty, however my only gripe was that the mozzarella wasn’t placed on the pizza before going in the oven, so was raw, I prefer my cheese cooked – but this is just a personal choice.


Finishing the meal with a dessert – yes a tiny baby Mini Torte Cioccolato, which to us is a Mini Chocolate Torte accompanied with a Bailey’s coffee. That was just the right amount on indulgence as the low-calorie main off set the chocolate indulgence! πŸ™‚

All in all – it was an enjoyable meal – I would definitely go back to Bella Italia.



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