Perry Cake

Perry Cake

Birthday cake for my son’s 9th Birthday! We always have 2 or 3. 1 for school, 1 for home and sometimes another for the party however this year not having a party.

Using the Basic 2 egg recipe for Vanilla and chocolate make 4 very thin bases in a 7inch tin.

Perry CakeOn the 1st chocolate base spread Nutella

IMG_1315Then buttercream, add a vanilla base and spread mixed berry jam and buttercream, add the last chocolate base and again spread Nutella and then buttercream and add the final vanilla base.

IMG_1316Dirty ice the cake all over with buttercream.

IMG_1317Cover the top only with blue fondant icing.

IMG_1319Line milk and white chocolate fingers to the outside of the cake pressing down onto the buttercream icing, and using fondant make Perry’s eyes and beak. Using cutter cut out the letters for the name and age.

IMG_1320This was all made in a few hours, quick and easy!



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