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Quick post on my results from the Aldi Challenge!

Now as most of you know – I’m an avid Tesco shopper (but only the close to my house at Mereway). However lots of people are telling me how much cheaper Aldi is. With money being tight…I thought I’d give it a whirl.I’ve now been to Aldi for 3 weeks – and today I decided to do a price check! Yes, went onto and checked the prices of what I bought against what I would have paid.

My usual weekly shops generally are about £100-140 at Tescos ( this includes no meat as I’m vegetarian). Today I spent £83.49 at Aldi, with an overflowing trolley of food and drink and if I had bought it all at Tesco it would have cost me £120.68…thats a massive £37.19 savings!!!

No don’t get me wrong – I can’t buy everything at Aldi I would normally buy at Tesco – but I did an item for item comparison. I would say the fruit and Veg was the most cost savings!

Now to top it off – I went to the Aldi in Towcester today – which is probably the nicest Aldi I’ve been to! Wide isles, nicer customers, lots of parking and it didn’t feel like a cheap supermarket at all!

I think I might alternate my shops between Tesco and Aldi ( of course with the odd Waitrose and Marks and Spencers visit! 🙂 )Footer

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  1. Anonymous
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    Lovely new Aldi on the road from abington park to weston favell xx

    • admin
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      The Towcester site is so much better 🙂

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