Homemade Chapati rotli

Homemade Rotli (Chapati)

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Homemade Rotli or as known as chapati is the ultimate indulgent bliss specially hot and fresh coming off griddle and buttered! There is nothing like it.

My mum used to make them almost every day when I was little, I tent to make rolti about once or twice a week.

Start off with the dough, 3 cups of chapati flour ( I use medium which is a mix of brown and white), with about a tbsp of oil mix together either by hand ( or my lazy way in the Kenwood mixer)

Slowly add warm water until you get good dough texture ( play dough style) you may need to add a touch of oil and give it a god knead for about 5 mins.

Break up the dough into small ping pong size balls


Roll the ball of dough and flatten in some flour


Start to rolled out in a circular shape, you may need to re flour.


Continue to roll until you rotli thinly even out and about 8in-9in


place on to a flat griddle over medium/high heat


Allow to cook until you see small bubble raise and flip the rotli, then continue to cook until slightly brown, flip again and cook the other side fully. They may fill with air and thats fine ( signs of a good rolled out rotli)


Once cooked, place on to a plate, and then roll some butter over the rotli.

Homemade Chapati rotli

Usually rotli would be eaten with curry ( or known as Shak), but when the piping hot, sprinkle on some sugar roll up and kids will love them! I used to love them as a child.Footer

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