Food Diary – Day 3

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Saturday wasn’t the best day for me due being out and about

Started off with a coffee and protein shake ( USN Whey protein chocolate scoop, 100ml milk, 200ml water, ice and 1/2 cup frozen berries) blended in my amazing Vitamix.


Then lunch – well as we ended up in Ikea, I had a bite of a cinnamon roll but then my daughter ate the rest and my crisps! So then we ended up at McDonalds eating a veggie wrap and small chips. Now Mcdonalds had the Lion Mcflurry which I must have waited 3 years for as last time I was on a strict diet and didn’t have any – so it had to done! However only ate 1/3 of it!


So with the late we had a small snack for dinner of corn tortilla chips and bean cheese dip (refried beans with spice and cheese



Lastly to finish off with a few chocolates from Christmas (Quality Street and Lindt)Footer

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