Food Diary – Day 14

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I made it thru my first fast day this year and felt ok in this morning. However I did notice I was hungry by mid morning ( after skipping breakfast again). I really need to start making time to eat breakfast.
At 10am I caved for some breakfast but Canteen didnt have much left so ended up with dry Special K and a coffee
Lunch ( Pack-up) was another Fat Free Cottage cheese salad and Blueberries (Total of 150 cals) which definately wasnt enough as was hungry 2 hrs later
SO 2pm came around and was hungry so again canteen didnt have much left so had the smallest pot of cheese and a white baguette ( which I only ate 1/2 of)
Dinner was a treat eating out – as a good buddy of mine is moving to Madrid for 6months ( how exciting is that!? I wish I was still young and not grounded for an adventure! How ever I will be visiting so watch out for my Madrid food reveiw!)

Dinner – Caprina Pizza at ASK


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