Homemade GingerBread House

DIY Ginger Bread House

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My pre-christmas mission was to make homemade ginger bread houses. Usually I’ve bought the cheap Ikea kits £2, however I thought I’d give the home-made version a try. Thinking how hard can it be?! Well lets say, a little harder than I thought, mainly the construction as I had one house with structural issues and another with subsidence! 🙂

400g plain flour
3/4 baking soda
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp ground all spice
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp salt
180g butter at room temperature
125g dark brown sugar
1 egg
125g black treacle

First, beat together the butter and sugar, then add egg. Then add in the remaining ingredients and mix together.


Place all the gingerbread dough into cling film, and place in the fridge for about 30mins

20140102-233807.jpgRoll out the gingerbread to about 4mm thick and cut around a template, I used the following Gingerbread House Template click here.


One by one, cut out 2 roofs, 2 sides, front panel, back panel and any extra such as gingerbread men or trees onto baking sheets.


Bake in the oven at 170c for approximately 20-30mins


1 egg white
1/2 tsp lemon juice
310g icing sugar

Mix together all the ingredients above to create some icing glue, and put it into the icing bags ( or ziplock bag) and cut into a corner.


Once the gingerbread has cooled, start place all the side together and using the icing start glueing into place. Hold for a minute or two while it sets and dry a little.

20140102-233910.jpgUse the icing to decorate the house, some windows or doors.20140102-233920.jpgUsing sweets such as milk buttons, smarties,jelly tots, etc to start decorating the house as many or little as possible.


My kids both made a house each – ( I made a double batch), so 1 batch would make a house, a few trees and some gingerbread men.

20140102-233949.jpgMy Daughters house was well decorated with lots of sweets.


My son’s house with a more minimalistic approach!



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