DIY Cookie Mix Jars


Its that time of year again and time for teachers Christmas presents – so what do I do?! Baked goodies? More Jam? More Chutney? I wanted to do something completely different – so I decided on making a Cookie Jar Mix where all the dry ingredients are in the jar and just need to add the wet such as butter, eggs and vanilla. They look awesome and great little Christmas presents!!


I bought some smaller 0.5l jars and 1l jars from Ikea, and then layered plain flour, brown sugar, plain flour, baking soda, brown sugar, chocolate buttons and topped with Smarties.

In the 0.5l jars you can use a 12 cookie recipe and in the 1l jar you can fill with a 24 cookie recipe.


Now the question begs, should I try and sell my mini creations on Etsy or online?


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