Kenwood Titanium Mixer Review

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review time…..I’ve now been using my amazing Kenwood Mixer now since December 2011…It was probably my best christmas present so far. I’m in love with my mixer and couldn’t live without it.

KitchenMachine-KMC013-800x600-1I have the Kenwood Titanium Chef KM010 model, which came with a K-beater (metal), K- beater (Rubber), Whisk, dough hook, glass blender jug and a food processor attachment.


This is definitely not a cheap purchase, as my kit cost me approximately £360 ( on sale as was £500), however worth every penny!

km010-99280_280The Blender attachement is awesome, as the power of the unit can crush ice too, great for frozen cocktails and smoothies. I used this daily for my frozen protein shake, until I purchased my Vitamix, but this does have a great blender.

The Food processor comes with a chopper and 2 discs. I mainly use this for bulk cheese grating and fresh salsa. I do not own a seperate food processor and would not need to either, as this attachment does what I need.


412Dz3zSxcLSince the getting the machine I’ve bought a few more attachments such as the Glass Mills and Pasta Attachment.

The Glass Mills are great – I tend to use them for small starter type dips, such as Hummous, dips and grinding nuts. They are relatively cheap and you get 3 glass jars with lids for storage. They are all dishwasher safe making cleaning easy and quick. I probably use them occasionally, not weekly.

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My pasta attachment is a great cheap addition approximately £20 for John Lewis. It is a pain to clean, as although its dishwasher safe, the dough gets stuck in the holes, but a few minutes with the little cleaning tool and as good as new. I’m starting to enjoy homemade pasta and now that I have mastered the recipe it probably only takes 10 mins to make fresh. Kids love the homemade pasta as they can help filling the attachment. The attachment comes with 6 disc ( spaghetti, ridged tubes, macaroni tubes, flat ravioli, fettucine and small tubes).

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The mixer its self is what I use probably daily if not every other day. I generally use the fabulous rubber K-Beater for most of my cakes, frostings and batters as it scraps the side of the bowl as it mixes. The other one I use is the dough hook for home made Chapati ( Rotli), bread dough, pizza dough and pasta dough. It kneads very quickly and enabling me to get on with other parts of the meal.

To be honest, now I’d be lost without it – definately on the same list as Sky+ and iphone! So if you don’t have a mixer, the Kenwood is something I would definately recommend! I give it a thumbs up!



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