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So it’s now been a few months since I’ve bought my Vitamix – but what can i say, this is the an awesome piece of kit!!

SO here is all the technical stuff:


Basically its super fast – makes ice cream/frozen yogurt is seconds and hot steaming soup in minutes ( 6 mins to be exact!).

So both the Hubster and I have a fresh frozen fruit, ice and protein smoothie every morning – and our old blender was struggling a little ( we were using the Kenwood Titanium Kitchen chef glass blender), but in that would take minutes to make, however the Vitamix is done in under a minute.

To put things into context – it’s the same machine as what they use in Frappacinos at Starbucks, Smoothies at Boost and blended drinks in most smoothie/blended drink place ( although this one is home use not commercial use – but same power).

The best thing about it is the clean up – so quick and easy, and comes with a 7 year guarantee.

If I had to comment on anything negative – then the its a little loud…not as loud as a Dyson – but not far off and Β£400 smackers – but its an investment in its own right!

All in all – if you are thinking about getting a blender then this bad boy is fantastic ( I have not gained anything by this review – maybe in the future they could send me a dry container?! – if you don’t ask you don’t get!)


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