CPK – California Pizza Kitchen – Reveiw

The Tostada Pizza – well this is a slice of heaven. A crispy thin base, topped with flavour some black beans ( can you tell I love black beans), covered with cheddar and montary jack cheese, with some lettuce, ranch and served with roasted salsa. This is very strange-sounding pizza – but once you have had it – you’ll never go back!

Please watch this space – as I will be trying to create my own version of it! I couldn’t go another year without having this again.



Warm Spinach artichoke dip served with tortilla chips – this starter is a meal all in its self. It was a tough choice between the dip and pizza but I ended up picking the pizza while my other half had the dip as his main meal!

The Kids pizza was good especially since they both demolished all of it! – even their warm brownie and ice cream.

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