American Breakfast ( IHOP/Dennys)

My IHOP breakfast – refills galore coffee, fresh potato hash browns, egg whites and punkin wheat pancakes! Somewhat healthy and darn good! Kept me going thru the day at universal studios.

My daughters smiley fruit pancakes – they were massive. She only managed to eat about 1/3 of it. I don’t even think I would be able to finish it.

My Son’s Chocolate smile pancake – again – he managed 1/2 of it – but was very rich chocolate in taste.

This was my Denny’s breakfast – Wheat herbed pancakes – these were soft, fluffy and tasted amazing – I think that actually was big enough for breakfast ( no a side) however it came with a vegetable skillet – which I only managed to eat 1/2 of. Even then you had to roll me out!

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