Olive Garden – reveiw

Olive Garden is one those place where you end up eating way too much and throw a die out the window! Most meals come with a salad and breadstick (which for me is a meal in its self!). The salad is dressed with some flavour some intalian dressing and then how cam you say no to some fresh grated Parmesan.

The amazing salad also comes with some warm soft yummy breadsticks! So fresh tasting and soft. They are sprinkled with what I think it some hard italian cheese.

Now this dish above – spinach artichoke dip is fabulous. If you have never tried it- please ensure you do. I know it sounds odd- but trust me once you have it, you’ll never not have it! Hubby and I wiped the plate clean.

What is known as heart-attack on a plate! The tasteful Fettuccini Alfredo – this is a must have. However unfortunately after the salad, bread sticks, dip I was pretty much stuffed. I manage to savour a few mouthfuls before I had to be rolled out!


Raspberry Lemonade – this is so refreshing and after being stuffed dessert wasn’t an option – but the mint chocolate hit the spot!!


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