Sourdough Bread!

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Well I’m not as good to look at as the fabulous baker brothers (channel 4) but I did use their recipe for the bread.For the sourdough starter I used Herman (however came out a tag sweet due to the sugar in the starter) so will definitely try it again with a regular starter.

Sourdough starter about 300mls
500g strong bread flour
200mls warm water
Splash of olive oil

Put it all in a mixer with the dough hook (can knead manually). This a a rather sticky dough as first and takes awhile before it turns into bread dough.
Once it’s very similar to dough and not sticky shape into a loaf and place into a tin in warm place for 2hours to rise.

Heat oven at 220c and bake for approx 30mins.

When nicely brown and fairly crusty on the outside it’s done.

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