Strawberry White Chocolate Cup Cakes

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So from the visit toHarpole Strawberry farm, I was in a bit of a strawberry mood!So after making some Jam, I made some cupcakes for my husbands work colleagues! allegedly his work colleagues said “how come we haven’t seen any of Mrs Hewitt’s Baking lately?” which gave me the green light to bake!!

so here is what i put in them:

2 Eggs
4oz Margarine
4oz caster sugar
4oz Self rising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp strawberry flavouring
70g of white chocolate buttons

Place all but chocolate in a mixing bowl ( or i use my Kenwood Kitchen Chef- have i said how amazing it is!?), mix up for about 2 Min’s. Then stir in the broken pieces of white chocolate buttons.

Spoon into cup cakes ( i use my handy batter scoop) purchased from Pampered Chef, here is a small and large scoop. I used the small one (2 scoops) for a small fairy cake cases and the large one for the muffin style cases which turns out to be the perfect amount.

Bake for 12 Min’s for fairy cake size ( 15mins for muffin size) at 180c, until done.

Allow to cool.

Now the frosting:

100g White chocolate
50g Butter
tsp of strawberry flavouring
Icing sugar ( lots of it)
Fresh Strawberries

Place all bit 1 square of white chocolate in a bowl with the butter, and place in the microwave to melt. Then add in the the flavouring.

Now start adding icing sugar until it creates soft to stiff peaks, and spoon into a decorator or piping bag, and pipe onto the cooled cakes.

Now slice up fresh strawberries, and add a couple of slices to each cake. Now grate the last white chocolate square over the cakes to finish.

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