Party In the Park!

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This past Sunday the Bardai Brahmin community had a party in the park ( Emberton Country Park) where I offered to do a little baking, which turned into 45 strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting and a couple strawberry slices on top and 54 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and some smarties ( decorated by my little man)

Then on top of that my muesli, mixed fruit, white & dark chocolate cookies (approx 60 cookies) …so needless to say I had a busy Saturday night and Sunday morning baking!

Well – after a few hours all the strawberry cakes where gone – I’m guessing they were edible! and the cookies and cakes were snapped up too…came home empty handed ( well apart from the 4 chocolate cupcakes and 4 strawberry ones I saved and kept at home earlier in the morning – however even they didn’t survive over night after my kids and husband devoured them!)

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