BodyFit Media anyone?!

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So many of you that know me – know there is this gadget thing on a strap on left tricep!
Let me introduce to my multi sensor body monitor “BodyFit Media” AKA Bodybug
This is a little obsessive I know but after loosing 4.5-5.25 stone in the summer of ’10-summer of ’11 I’m a little apprehensive about gaining it back.
So this little geek gadget tells me to 95% accuracy how many calories I burn a a min/hour/day/week the fan thing about the version I bought is that it does sync with another “can’t live without technology” my iPhone.
So let’s get technical – this is what it does with its nifty algorithms.
  • Motion – by its accelerometer ( how you move from multiple axis and perspectives)
  • Steps – counts steps using the accelerometer ( now I’ve checked this – as will not count a step if you go over speed bumps or driving in a car – even a Subaru impreza!!)
  • Galvanic Skin Response – basically sweat – your skin becomes more electrically conductive.
  • Skin temperature – an electronic thermometer which help to understand how hot you are.
  • Heat Flux – when you move, your muscle produce heat.
  • Sleep efficiency – tracks your sleep cycle and efficiency.
So where did I get mine from you ask?! Lucky for me I ordered a Bluetooth version which syncs to my IPhone, which I ordered from the US, however they do not ship internationally, so had it shipped to my brothers who then sent it across to me. Plus if purchase a US one then the subscription is considerably less (approx $6 a month). However you now can buy a very similar product here in the UK called the KiFit however they have not yet created a bluetooth version yet, still owned and made by bodymedia.
There 3 different bodymedia monitors Bodyfitmedia ( what I have), BodyBugg and Kifit.
This little gadget is awesome – so for example – I joined the gym this year in Feb and since Feb gained approx 5-7lbs of muscle. The theory is more muscle higher metabolic rate to the rate of 1lbs burns additional 50 ish calories a day. Prior to Feb my non gym standard day I was burning 1800-1900 cals and now burning 2100-2200 cals on a similar activity day…which shows how effective this really is!!
My only negative comment is the calorie tracking – not very user friendly, and not many food items on the system, you can add in your own foods…but I definitely prefer myfitnesspal as a brilliant calorie intake tracker.

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