Baked goodies for Charity Event

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Gosh – baking season lasted longer then I thought it would this year! So work (Barclaycard) werehaving a charity stall and I ended up volunteering to bake some goodies they could sell.So was initially planning some cookies and muffins – then looked in the cupboard and was looking a bit bare so in the style of Tejism- I started to look for substitutes – ended up using caster sugar and light brown sugar 25% to 75% instead of 50/50 caster and dark brown for the cookies – and since out of raisins ended up making regular choc chip cookies. As you can see not my best attempt but they did past the kids taste test ( specially since running back for more!)

Then made some super mini banana choc chip muffins – as had some ripen bananas to use.

Last but least made some chocolate brownies Frosted with chocolate butter cream- I initially tried to make some mini heart shaped ones (however the weren’t coming out of the cases well- so after the first the batch just made one big one instead.

Hopefully helped with the fund raising.

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