Mexican Fiesta Sunday Lunch!

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Well amigos what better way to have Sunday lunch then Mexican style with homemade guacamole, salsa, nachos, quinoa and good ol’ beans!

Guacamole is one of the easiest sides to make specially when avocados are in season! Seriously it’s a matter of slice and scoop the avocado, mash with a fork, add some diced onions, tomatoes and chillies mix it all up squeeze of lime (in my case splash from a bottle!) and sprinkle of cilantro!

So I used
8 avocados
3 onions
4 tomatoes
Tbsp of cilantro
2 tbsp of lime juice
Few chillies ( this depends on how spicy you like and how spicy the are!)

Now I freeze this all the time- so this made approximately 5 servings of 250mls (I froze 4 and kept one out for the meal!)

Then the salsa with is another food processor miracle!
Add in:

2 onions
5 big fresh tomatoes (or for you lazy ones 1 tin chopped tomatoes )
1 tbsp tomato purรฉe
2 tbsp lemon juice
I clove garlic
Pinch of salt
Few chillies

Turn on the machine and whizz it up! All done!! Again, you can make a batch and freeze some!!

Now for TGI Fridays style nachos (minus the Colby cheese – I used a mix of red Leicester and cheddar)
Cut a soft tortilla into 1/8ths and back in the oven at 200f for a few mins until they are lightly brown and no longer soft.

Sprinkle cheese and topping of your choice ( Fridays only add jalapeรฑos)

Bake again until cheese melted

And enjoy!!

Now onto my awesome burrito bowl! This is a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, quinoa (with lemon and cilantro ), beans ( black, pinto, black eyed and green pea beans cooked with onions, cumin, garlic and cayenne), with lots of salsa, guacamole , some plain homemade yoghurt and sprinkle of cheese!

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