Healthy Protein packed pancakes

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So Sunday is usually pancake day in our house- and over the past few months I’ve experimented with “healthier” options.. So this is probably what I’ve settled with where kids and hubby will eat!
50ml plain yogurt (homemade! Easy other recipe on how)
300ml unsweeten light soya or almond milk
20g oat bran
20g porridge oats
20g whey protein (I used strawberry flavour as all I had)
20g milled flaxseed
40g medium chapatti flour
1tsp baking sodaMix all the above together (I put it into my Kenwood kitchen chef with whisk attachment)Heat up a fry pan on medium heat, ladle in a spoon full while holding pan in the air and tilt around until nice thin layer covers the bottom, once set flip the pancakes (about 1 min each side)

Flip onto a plate, add any sauces (I used algave nectar and honey) then add any fruit (I used banana, strawberry and blueberries)

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