Fruit & Veg Dehydrator Review

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Hello All – specially during the end of the great extended Jubilee Bank holiday. Well on this weekend I’ve found a shop which I can only call “Heaven”!!
Lakeland is amazing! So the reason I went down there was to have a look at the dehydrator. A dehydrator is a popular gismo in the USA which dehydrates fruits and vegetables such as banana, apples, courgettes, strawberries etc into dried crisps! Yes healthy and yummy.
So I bought this gismo on Saturday, on Sunday I had to have a play – so I started to dehydrate banana, apple, strawberries, courgette, aubergine, cucumber, mango and tomato. Well can I say that they all worked – however the best in my opinion was the strawberry, banana, cucumber and courgette! However my son devoured the strawberry crisps.
I even put in a few grapes….after about 18hours I had a raisin! YAY!
So – if your into healthy alternative snacks and are happy to prepare in advance and spend time slice veg and fruit then definitely I would recommend a Dehydrator!
The one I bought was only £52 at Lakeland (, which is a lot cheaper then some of the ones on amazon which were approximately £100-250. The only thing is that it is a bit bulky…so I think my next house is going to have to be all Kitchen, or at least half of it. LOL


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