Easiyo Yoghurt Maker & Homemade Yoghurt (Greek)

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During my visit to Lakeland I also bought a Yoghurt Maker – Easiyo. Now for as long as I can remember my mom has made homemade yogurt, using yogurt to make yogurt. Now I’ve tried this many times and for some reason I could never get it work! She uses no thermometers, insulators just her instincts!
However me – I have bought a Yoghurt maker, a thermometer and you tubed video’s on how to make it ( then how to turn into Greek Yoghurt like Fage brand).
So the basics of yoghurt are that you need live bacteria yoghurt, milk ( any type) and that’s pretty much it….how hard can this be?! But I can now saying I’ve finally done it 🙂
SO I made the sachet Easiyo Yoghurt ( which came with my Easiyo Yoghurt Maker) which is pretty simple, You add 1/2 litre/Jar of cold water, add sachet shake and mix well, then add the rest of the water to make a Litre ( too the top), boil water and fill into the insulator/maker, add the yoghurt container. 8 hours later – bingo yoghurt.
The Easiyo yoghurt was good – not very tangy but like normal yoghurt. So using this theory I made my own!
This is now.
Step 1 –
Put 500ml of fat free milk into a microwave safe bowl, and heated in the microwave 1 minute at a time and checking the temperature. Stopped once I got to 185F.
Step 2 –
Place the milk in the fridge until the temperature came back down to 110F.
Step 3 –
Poured in half of the milk into the Easiyo Container and added 1-2 tbsp of the yoghurt starter ( I used the easiyo yoghurt I had made the day before) and gave it a good shake, then topped up with the remaining milk.
Step 4 – Put the milk & yogurt starter container back in the fridge, and boiled a kettle.
Step 5 – Once kettle boiled, poured boiling water into the Easiyo Maker/Insulator to the top of the red insert and left for about 2 mins.
Step 6 – Gently put in the milk container into the Yoghurt maker, place the top on and left overnight about 10 hours.
Step 7 – Removed the Yoghurt out of the Maker, place in the fridge to set completely. Now Natural yoghurt is now made.
For Greek –
Step 8 – I got out a bowl, a strainer that fits over the bowl with some dripping space, 2 tea clothes/cheese clothes/muslin’s. I placed the strainer in the bowl, and laid the clothes over.
Step 9 – Spooned in the yogurt into the clothes, and then pulled up all 4 corners and tied into a bundle – you can use a rubber band, but I used a bag clip.
Step 10 – Let this drain out the whey ( yellowy water), and you can feed this to plants or throw away. Check every few hours and remove the whey. Flip the yogurt over to drain the other side.
Step 11 – Depending how strained you want your yoghurt , I left over night to get the Fage Brand consistency. Remove from cloth and put into a lidded tub.
All done now enjoy!!
So not only is my Easiyo good for making yoghurt using the sachets, you can also use it to make home made yoghurt! Brill!

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